Driving Instructor Training

Before you become a driving instructor, you will need to gain the relevant qualifications. The driving instructor training course is designed to enable you to pass the government tests. You will need both theory based and practical learning.

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To become a driving instructor (ADI) you will need to pass a 3 part exam which consists of the following:

Driving Ability
Instructing Ability

Driving Instructor Training - The Examination Process

You start with part 1 (theory), and work your way through until you are fully qualified. Once you have passed part 1, you have to complete the remaining 2 parts within 2 years, or you will have to start again. It is a case of 3 strikes and you’re out. You only have 3 attempts to pass each of the three tests, otherwise you have to wait 2 years and try again. Once you have passed part 1 and part 2, you can get a trainee driving instructors licence and start teaching for payment in order to get experience. Once you have passed all 3 tests, you can join the ADI register as an approved driving instructor. You will be given the ADI certificate which can be displayed in your car.

Part 1 Theory: Split into two parts – multiple choice, and hazard perception. The multiple choice test consists of 100 questions, each question having a choice of 4 different answers. You must select the correct answer. The pass mark is 85%.The hazard perception test is made up of 14 video clips, each clip containing 1 road hazard. You must press the button as soon as you see a hazard developing which will require the driver to take action such as braking. The earlier you detect the hazard, the better your score.

Part 2 Driving: This section is very similar to the standard driving test, although you will need improved eyesight. However the test is longer, and less faults are acceptable. It’s far more difficult to pass then a standard driving test.

Part 3 Instructional Ability: You must give two 30 minute “mock” driving lessons to the examiner, on any subject he chooses. The examiner will make mistakes on purpose and ask questions, to judge how you respond. The examiner will also require you to brief him on the objectives of the lesson. This whole test will weed out anyone who is unsuitable to be an instructor.

driving instructor training

Choosing The Right Driving Instructor Training Course

Because the tests are so difficult, it is important that you choose the right driving instructor training course provider. Don’t automatically choose the cheapest course as this will not always be the best one. Remember – treat the training course costs as an investment for your future.

The Most important thing you can do is RESEARCH. Check the Internet for Information on all of the Driving Instructor courses in your area. Choose one that you think will give you the best training possible and set your new career up the right way. Becoming a driving instructor is the best thing I ever did, however one should go about the whole process as if you were making a business decision, because after all, this is your future and it is a business.

If you would you like us to send you more detailed information about driving instructor training, just fill in the form on the left.

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